Summary report 2019

Home Decor 2019 – Business side of interior design

Nearly 22,000 people from 65 countries took part in the HOME DECOR 2019 Interior Design Fair, the most important business presentation of the latest trends in interior decoration and accessories in Poland, which took place in Poznań from 12 to 15 March 2019. It is a place where you can see the new collections of decorations, lighting, textiles, ceramics, glass, kitchen and bathroom accessories and other decorative elements. The last edition of Home Decor was full of numerous new products, trends presentations or product premieres.

Like in the previous years, the interior design fair was accompanied by MEBLE POLSKA – the country's largest furniture industry meeting held annually and visited by several thousand furniture traders and interior designers from Poland and Europe, and an event dedicated to industrial design in its broad sense – ARENA DESIGN. Four days for interior and design – such a common denominator can be used to describe this March fairs block. In total, 450 companies took part in the fair, the exhibition occupied 11 pavilions covering an area of 62,000 square meters.


Trends in the eyes of bloggers

One of the hits of the exhibition was the Bloggers Zone. It is an initiative of a five opinion-making interior bloggers-designers, who used furniture and accessories offered by the exhibitors to create an interesting space, full of inspiration and ideas for interior design. The bloggers used the furniture and accessories from the product portfolio offered by the exhibitors of Arena Design, Home Decor and Meble Polska Furniture Fair. Therefore, an interesting space, full of inspiration and ideas for interior design, has been created. On the inauguration day, the exhibition was accompanied by interesting lectures: "A Trendy House: What Does It Mean?" - Dagmara Jakubczak; "Popular Interior Design Styles Overseas" Will They Be Adopted in Poland?" - Kasia Gal; "Colour as a Commodity" - Ola Munzar.


Nearly 50 lectures, trainings and workshops

The exhibition was accompanied by a broad range of events aimed at both professional visitors and exhibitors. Meetings featuring world design starts were the greatest attraction of ARENA DESIGN. During the discussion panel, the Swedish-British duo Massproductions (Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin) talked about a ten-year career path that developed rapidly with the release of the first product. Alexander Taylor, a designer and innovator who implemented the revolutionary zero waste shoe weaving technology for the Adidas brand, talked about the turning points of his career and everyday aspects of his work among the best designers and design studios in the world. The young Berlin-based duo Geckeler Michels talked about the evolution of the chair and the factors influencing the extended design process. During the lecture, on the basis of their own design experience, David Geckeler and Frank Michels discussed the processes preceding the birth of the final product. One of the experts on the main stage was Marek Borowiński who runs the programs: ‘Sklepowe Rewolucje (Shop Revolutions)’ and ‘Shop Doctor’. The author of numerous publications in the field of visual merchandising and color psychology talked about how the perception of design has changed under the influence of social media, raised the subject of storytelling in design, and also discussed the issue of color transformation as one of the trends in contemporary design. Maciej Zień, a leading Polish fashion designer, was also a guest at the fair. He boldly entered the world of design in 2009, showing that fashion can be combined with interior design. During the fair he gave a his lecture titled ‘Fashion enters the interiors,’ which proved very popular among the participants. As part of a series of seminars carried out by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, one could learn about the principles of conduct for exporters applicable to selected markets in the Middle East, the additional requirements on European markets for furniture products, and how to calculate the costs of manufacturing products and the profitability threshold for furniture production. The second day of the fair featured a conference entitled “Economics of values: man - company - relations. Autonomy and cooperation as a tool of effective management in the furniture industry.” Professor Jerzy Hausner, who was the special guest of the event, gave a lecture on the issues of value economics..


Every third visitor was from abroad

The data reveal that besides a large group of Polish retail chains, Poznań was visited by representatives of the vast majority of important procurement groups and showroom chains from Europe, as well as many wholesalers from other continents. - Encouraging is the growing number of merchants who come to Poznań from Eastern Europe and from new prospective markets, such as the United States, China, India or the United Arab Emirates – says HOME DECOR Director Natalia Tarachowicz. As in the previous editions, the share of foreign visitors went beyond a third of all visitors and amounted to 34%.

Apart from Germany, this time the largest number of foreign visitors came from Ukraine, Great Britain, Russia, Romania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, France, Hungary, Latvia and Belarus. Every year, the number of countries the visitors to the HOME DECOR trade fair come from is getting bigger. Compared to the previous edition, this time the trade fair was attended by retailers from such countries as Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Egypt, Philippines, Gambia, Canada, Qatar, Libya, Madagascar, Mali, Palestine, Portugal and Tunisia.


HOME DECOR 2020 in February!

The next edition of the trade show block consisting of HOME DECOR, MEBLE POLSKA and ARENA DESIGN will take place in Poznań from 25 to 28 February 2020.

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